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   Upcoming Events   
Open Board Meeting
Saturday, July 28th, 1330 at Nation's Hangar

Business Meeting:

Fuel Station Update – Tom Thacker

Hangar Sales Update

Gordon Rock Plat Amendment Request / Septic (Update)

Runway & Taxiway Access Control - Fencing & Fence Repair Plan – (Report on Morning Discussion)

Governing Documents Discussion – By-Laws Draft

AWOS – (Report on Morning Discussion)

Draft Budget for 2019 (Discussion) 

Annual Meeting Dates – October 13th or 20th?

Board Nominations / Deadlines


In addition to our regular business meeting, there will be an aviation topics related morning session for those who wish to participate.  There will be two general topics of interest to pilots for discussion in the morning:


1.       9:30 AM Fencing & RIM (Runway Incursion Mitigation) – We will be discussing our long term fencing planning and the role of fencing and signage in preventable trespass and incursion onto taxiways and our runway.  This will be an opportunity for brainstorming and contributing ideas.  

2.       10:30 AM – Airport infrastructure related subjects: 

a.       CTAF or discreet frequency based AWOS (aviation weather station) for basic takeoff and approach information.

b.       VFR or IFR landing aids; I.E. VASI or PAPI or instrument approach or departures, obstacle mapping, and runway and obstacle depiction in NAV databases.