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   Upcoming Events   
Annual Members' Meeting
Saturday, October 20th, 1200 at Nation's Hangar
All members are invited to the Annual Members' Meeting.
An election for one trustee position will be held at this meeting and there will be an opportunity to meet the candidates before the poles are closed.  If you have not already sent in your ballots, check with the post office before mailing your ballots to make sure they will arrive here by no later than Friday, October 19th this week.  If you’re in doubt, you can bring your ballots with you to the meeting.

11:30 Fuel Station Dedication (at the fuel station) 

12:00 Lunch (for members only- no guests) 

1:00 Business Meeting


Trustee Candidate's Introductions

Voting Closed – Count Ballots

Treasurer's Report – Financial Review 

Reserve Account Status & Funding – Budget Discussion & Vote

Fuel Station Update – Tom Thacker

ACC Update – Patty Nation

Annual Volunteer Recognition Awards

New Business – Open Floor Discussion