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   Upcoming Events   
Lot #17
Thursday, January 9th to Thursday, January 23rd
There will be a concrete pumper operating on Lot 17 near the North East end of the runway beginning today, Thursday January 9th .  The equipment will operate intermittently over the next week or two.  The concrete pumper boom may at times reach up to 40 feet above grade.  
The construction will take place East of the fence line at all times and should not pose an obstacle under normal flight conditions.  Keep your aircraft over the runway when conducting ground and flight operations and you should have no problems.  
Barry Reinherz, Trustee President
Board Meeting
Saturday, February 8th, 1000 at Nation's hangar
There will be an open board meeting held on Saturday, February 8th at 10:00 AM at Steve & Patty Nation's Hangar located at 4180 S 1100 W.
An agenda will be sent out prior to the meeting. 
Barry Reinherz, Trustee President

Grassy Meadows Sky Ranch (UT47) is a residential community of custom-built homes on 1 to 3-acre lots, nestled around a 4450 foot private airstrip. It combines all the advantages of a planned development with the convenience of living with your airplane in one of the most picturesque areas of the U.S.