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Hurricane Airport Closure
Monday, February 4th to Friday, April 19th

General Dick Stout Field (IL8) is closing temporarily for their runway rebuild. The runway is scheduled to close February 4th until April 19th.  

Additionally there will be 25 days following the 19th when a parallel taxiway will be built between the runway and the ramp.  This is scheduled to be completed on May 14th.  The plan calls for the runway to be open during this time.  

Larry Nemecek, General Dick Stout Field Airport Advisory Board

St George Airport Closure
Wednesday, May 29th to Friday, September 27th
Saint George Airport (KSGU)  will be shut down for 4 months beginning May 29th, while a massive rebuilding of the runway is accomplished. During this construction work, only helicopters will be allowed to take-off or land. 

Grassy Meadows Sky Ranch (UT47) is a residential community of custom-built homes on 1 to 3-acre lots, nestled around a 4450 foot private airstrip. It combines all the advantages of a planned development with the convenience of living with your airplane in one of the most picturesque areas of the U.S.